Our Story

Cornerstone Capital Financial Group (CCFG) was born more than 20 years ago when its founder, Shannon McMannis, realized that working in a large financial institution prevented her from providing the personalized and independent financial advice that clients deserved.

Shannon was interested in more than just selling a product: She wanted to be part of something greater, something that would benefit her clients and the community. Her ultimate goal is to educate, empower and enrich the lives of her clients, many of whom have become friends.

As CCFG grew over the years, Shannon's vision always remained true: building strong, honest and engaging relationships that last a lifetime. These relationships are the solid building blocks that anchor the cornerstone of a company where clients are never just a number.

Through a vast network of connections and relationships in Brantford and the surrounding area, Shannon and her team have helped clients navigate almost any aspect of their lives. Whether it's building a financial life plan, estate planning, saving for a child's education, buying a home or income property, or even finding the right mechanic, CCFG is in your corner.

You are unique and so is your situation. Let's work together to achieve your financial strength and clarity, sparking a ripple effect on your complete well-being.

The journey toward your best life starts with a simple click.

Meet the CCFG team!

The CCFG team offers you unbiased, independent advice. With more than 70 years of combined industry experience, we are here to help you create a financial life plan and see it through, so you can live with confidence and clarity.

We are committed to establishing a long-term relationship with you to ensure your continued financial well-being. The foundation of this commitment is our proven process, built upon our core mission to educate, empower and enrich.

Meet The Team

Shannon McMannis, CFP®

Founder & CEO
Certified Financial Planner®

Life happens, and I'm no stranger to facing and overcoming its challenges. Growing up on social assistance in geared-to-income housing, I know first-hand how hard one must work to earn an honest living. I discovered very quickly how to work smarter and how to change the script. I learned how to save efficiently and push my income further, acting strategically to propel my own success.

As a Certified Financial Planner, I help you plan for when life happens. The cornerstone of my work is the strong personalized relationships that I have developed over the years with my clients. One of my favourite things is having a front-row seat to my clients' successes, watching them accomplish big life goals.

My first-hand knowledge and experience, along with my continuous education, enable me to help my clients with more than just investing. I take a step back to see the big picture for each individual. Financial health is always intertwined with physical, emotional and mental well-being, and there is no one-size-fits-all institutional approach for each person's unique needs.

I did not walk my own journey alone. Many people helped me along the way, and that is why I am so passionate about helping others succeed. I've become involved in many local initiatives, because the concept of giving back to the community is at my core. I founded The Power of the Purse, a speaker series designed to help other women achieve financial stability and freedom. From there, I created Ladies Who Lead, a network of local professional women who have come together with four goals: Building Business, Building Self, Building Relationships and Building Community.

We are all unique, with different objectives and priorities. My goal is to help you feel confident and secure about your own tomorrow, while enjoying all that life has to offer today!

In Your Corner,

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Giovanni Petitti, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner®

When I sit down with my clients, the first thing I do is listen. With 25 years of financial industry experience, I specialize in helping my clients make sense of where they are and where they want to be. I've built my client base by designing creative solutions for hardworking, middle-class families, visionary small business owners, retirees, and young people who are just beginning to create their financial life plans.

Everyone can benefit from a well-structured plan. It's a road map to achieve short and long-term goals, by maximizing your after-tax returns. It's important to remember that, "It's not about what you make, it's about what you keep."

The best financial outcomes are always rooted in education, which leads to empowerment and eventually to enrichment. Here at CCFG, we take a fresh approach. We're here to listen.

In Your Corner,

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Peter Pomponio

Wealth Advisor

With over 20 years' experience as a Wealth Advisor, the key to my success has always been establishing a solid rapport with my clients. I joined the team at CCFG because its values align perfectly with my own.

I strongly believe that in order to help a client achieve financial strength and clarity, it's critical for an advisor to educate themselves about their client's unique situation. How is their current financial health? What are their priorities and goals? Only then can an advisor truly create an effective strategy for clients to achieve those objectives, empowering them to take control of their financial future.

Clients have said they trust my advice because they understand and know that I have their best interests at heart. While I am compassionate, I am also passionate about personal finance! I love the challenge that comes with identifying underlying financial concerns and exploring the best possible solutions.

My clients have become an extension of my own family, as we navigate life's ups and downs together.

In Your Corner,

Mutual funds, approved exempt market products and/or exchange traded funds are offered through Investia Financial Services Inc.

Heather Melfi

Administrative Assistant

A unique opportunity arose in 2015 when I joined Cornerstone Capital Financial Group as an Administrative Assistant. I have always been intrigued by the financial world. When I was young, my parents taught me about the importance of investing a portion of every paycheque and the peace of mind that comes with saving money.

I started my career in fashion design. I loved seeing the creative process take shape, from choosing the fabric and creating a design to suit the client's shape, to the attention to detail and precision craftmanship. The reward was seeing my client happy and confident in what I created. This same creative process is the foundation of CCFG. My role is to cultivate and enrich that creative process though support, trust, and loyalty to the CCFG team and our clients. It is rare to find a company that carries the same values as your own, one that has heart and soul woven into its core.

This is the ripple effect of working with the expert life planning team at CCFG – it's about educating, empowering and enriching your best life. Take the first step – give us a call to experience the difference!

In Your Corner,

Jaime-Lee Ridge

Administrative Assistant

With a professional background in Recreation and Leisure Services and as a Certified Personal Trainer, I have always been a strong believer in setting personal goals. When I transitioned into business ownership with my husband and later into the financial industry, I saw how those who set goals also set themselves up for success.

What makes us different from other financial groups is simple. We care about the connection and the client relationship. I love that what we do does not feel like work. We are here to educate and empower our clients, and to walk alongside them to achieve their desired success.

I am also passionate about our community and giving back wherever we can to enrich the lives of those we encounter. CCFG shares my desire to give back in spades, and it's exceptional to be working for a local company that aligns so perfectly with my personal values.

Financial Life Planning is a language that not everyone speaks, nor is it taught in school. Shannon and our team will help you along the way, educating you on your individual options and helping you learn the language. Our goal is to empower and enrich each client's life, based on the connection and relationship we've built together.

In Your Corner,

Piper the Office Mascot

A really good girl.

People always tell me I am a really good girl! I've been cheering on the CCFG team since 2014 and pride myself on needing to use the washroom at the most inconvenient times. I like head scratches, belly rubs and whatever I find on the floor. When the rest of the team is busy, I play with my stuffed animals and take long naps. Wait a minute. Did someone say "walk?"

Quynn the Office Cat

Trying to catch the red dot.

In 2018, I became the office supervisor at CCFG. My chief responsibilities are napping, distracting my co-workers, climbing everything at hand and appearing in as many Zoom meetings as possible. I like head scratches, but nowhere else. I'm a fantastic hunter who loves to chase my arch enemy, that pesky red dot that keeps appearing everywhere. Let's play!